The Trumpet shall sound


I await patiently the sound of the trumpet

The shock and joy

being caught unawares,

in the middle of what?

The trumpet shall sound when

maybe, it’s those

it-doesn’t-really-matter moments

When maybe,

you are not just interested anymore,

or maybe,

when it no longer makes sense

and the romance of the world has

a lure that is awe and

the Lord seems obscure in

a world so impure.

When the Christ-like attire

creates an ire and

you’d rather hire the

devil’s regalia,

the trumpet shall sound.


It’s gonna sound

when our choices become

horses and we ride at our wills

up the hills of sin,

when our conscience at the mills

has been ground like peas

it now swims like dust in the winds, blown away.

When the Church is in bed with

the world, a drunken world whose

boisterous snore’s so loud

the trump shall sound.



4 thoughts on “The Trumpet shall sound

    • stevenkator

      Yes Nneoma. Seriously, I usually got so scared at the thought of the rapture until recently. I realized I was a christian because of the fear of hell and not the love of God. When God helped me and I began to love Him, I became so expectant of the rapture. Now I am so eager and wait for the coming of the Lord.


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