But as many as received him, to them he gave the power to become sons of God, even to them that believes in his name.

JOHN 1:12


I have complete confidence in the gospel, it is God’s power to save al who believes, first the Jews and also the gentiles. For the gospel reveals how God puts people right with himself, it is through faith from beginning to end. As the scripture says “The person who is put right with God through faith shall live”

ROMANS 1:16 -17


He said believe and receive,

I’ve had my own share of disappointment in the Christendom,

So much to the extent it becomes a relief,

Because when I think I’m in the right path,

I have to carry this fear of falling back,

I would put on the so called “Christian attire”,

And make this promise to never retire,

I would put on a smiley face and put on a colorful gown of lace,

But I did not understand his grace.


For me it was a give and take,

He gave his life and I gave my freedom,

I would hate why I heard about him,

Ignorance seemed to be the best, even a gleam

Fellowship of the brethren seemed like a prison,

With strong, tall, transparent walls from which I could see the world of activities I was missing,

My heart longed for the wrong that seemed appealing,

But my head says,

I need to endure this preaching that is repelling.


Why did he make this harder I’d ask?

Blackmailing me with the horrors of hell,

Waking up each day it would ring a bell,

That it’s here… another day to pretend.


I did a good job, everyone around was impressed,

Of course I would be used as example, most of which I heard,

I was too busy, had a thing or two to do,

I would sweep and clean, but he is too wise to fool,

I even wished I came months before the rapture,

When I could understand nothing,

Perhaps I came too soon.


I heard his word from the pastor but it didn’t make any sense,

He would scream and shout and the whole room would feel tensed,


Did I fail to say, I hated Sundays,

It was like a funeral service for Christ,

Always had to hear how he died,

They should have probably written an obituary,

Instead of making it a punishment, like a detention,

But I couldn’t show it,

Mom had to be proud,

From people dad needed applaud,

Neighbors needed examples for their wards,

And of course charity needed funds.


Worst of all I couldn’t go to hell,

In fact, that was it,

The reason behind it all,

I even had nightmares about it,

The more I worked the more aware I was of hell,

It was torture,

I had enough,

Then one day I said


I said to myself, it’s not my fault he died,

I didn’t even ask him to give his life,

If he has so much power and is invincible why did he make such a bad man as the devil?



A day came when I stumbled upon a part of the bible,

It struck me spiritually I felt idle, I had become the devils workshop I realized,

Hell wasn’t made for me, why should I be driven by the fear of it?


His sacrifice isn’t a transaction,

It is an expression of his affection,

Which gives me a conviction that his attention requires no exchange with my works or action,

What he gave wasn’t burden,

It was medicine,

What he gave wasn’t weakness,

It was strength to overcome all sickness,

Even when I saw my faults,

He saw them not,

I didn’t need the works all I needed to do was believe,

Unlike the banks, what he gave came with no interest.

He said come ye with your burden and I will give thee rest.


And instead of a prison every Sunday should be an occasion,

Wait! What am I saying?

Every day of my life should be an occasion,

Because with me Jesus never takes a vacation,

I felt bad that I wandered too far away from his love that I treated him as an outsider than as a father,

But come on, we have all of eternity to make up for it.


His love is so overwhelming, so good to be true,

His sacrifice makes it possible that for eternity we all shall live,

Now it’s all changed,

Geez, I see the world differently,


Believing in him has given me all the strength I needed,

And his blood has washed all the guilt of the past life I led,

I am that lost sheep that he left the 99 others to find,

I am that person he was thinking about when he held on to that rugged cross,

I am that person whose healing was finalized with the stripes on his flesh,

I am that person to whom he gave the right to be his own,

And on that cross he gave me the right to be his bride,

In trouble he stood in my place to protect me, I could not comprehend his pride,

And for eternity I will continually stay at his side.





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